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The origin of the iScale GmbH leads back to the well-known Kyosho Deutschland GmbH, which was founded in 1999; the routes actually go back to the year 1985, when the company was established by the present CEO and owner Bernd Moebus. Until the year 2000 the main focus was on RC-models only. During this period such brands as Kyosho, Hitec, Hype, Team Orion or Hobbywing were established and successfully distributed within Europe.

From the year 2000 onwards the section of diecast miniature models was added. On behalf of Kyosho Corporation contacts to the German car-industry were established and orders taken. In the year 2012 a branch office in Aachen was established concentrating on diecast miniature models only, and the brand "iScale" was founded. Under this name countless miniature-models were developed and manufactured for the German car industry. As these models have been produced without indication of our brand or logo often and are distributed via the official sales-channels of the car industry only, many collectors may dispose of "iScale" models without knowing.

At this point a distribution via the model-shops is not being considered.

Anyone who knows the German car industry knows about its quality-requirements: Only the very best miniature-model manufacturers are being considered. The mantra of our customers is: "Preferably better than the original car!" - Our intention is to match such requirement with the quality of our models. In order to match this ambitious target we have employed a number of highly qualified engineers and work with reliable manufacturers only. Own employees in the far east are constantly monitoring the development and production of our models in order to meet the highest quality standards of our customers.

The satisfaction of our customers is our biggest asset!

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